Brawl Stars est le nouveau jeu de Supercell, créateurs, entres autres, de Clash of Clans. Le jeu est un MOBA, jeu de combat par arène en multijoueur. Le mode de jeu en fer de lance de l’appli est le 3v3. Sur une petite carte, les joueurs devront affronter l’équipe d’en face et mener à bien les objectifs.
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@Isaac16084462 @Memnithopter Well, if there are two people with the same problem, now you only need one more member, haha. @Isaac16084462, meet @Memnithopter. 😀

@Memnithopter Hey James!

You can actually join their discord server and look for a group there! They have a dedicated channel for that. 🙂

Sign up for Brawl Stars Open today and you might be in the next recap video!

- You need to be 16+ years old and residing in North America.
- We are studying the logistics of including other regions, but nothing confirmed yet.